Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Culturally assertive

It seems that the people of the town of Herouxville, Quebec have been reading Mark Steyn's new book. Not only are they showing confidence in their culture, they are being downright culturally assertive.

A code of standards sent to the federal and provincial governments last week by Herouxville's municipal council has put the town of 1,300 inhabitants, about 150 kilometres northeast of Montreal, at the centre of Quebec's increasingly divisive debate over integrating minorities.

Among the information the municipality asks federal and provincial officials to distribute to potential immigrants:

  • It is forbidden to stone women, burn them alive, throw acid on them or circumcise girls.
  • Consumption of alcohol is common in Herouxville, as is dancing. "At the end of every year, we decorate a tree with balls and tinsel and some lights. This is normally called 'Christmas decorations' or also 'Christmas tree.' "
  • Boys and girls swim together in public pools.
  • Veils are not welcome. "The only time you may mask or cover your face is during Halloween."
In another time, this would not need to have been said. My how things have changed.