Sunday, September 14, 2008

Blogging Tories' Ridings

Further to my previous post, here's a partial list of Conservative candidates and electoral districts as indicated by my readers. Members of the Blogging Tories live in several of the ridings. I'll update the list as I become aware of new entries. Please leave your info in the comments.


Kildonan-St. Paul: Joy Smith is up for re-election.


Outremont: Dr Roy is supporting Lulzim Laloshi.


Simcoe-Grey: Helena Guergis is running to retain her seat for the Conservatives.

Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington: Incumbent Scott Reid is running for the Conservatives.

Ottawa-Orléans: Royal Galipeau, the current Conservative MP is running again.

Parkdale-High Park: Nice Comfy Fur formerly lived in the riding and is supporting Jilian Saweczko.

St. Paul's: Nice Comfy Fur is supporting Heather Jewell.

Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry: Current CPC MP Guy Lauzon is standing for re-election.

York Centre: Matt at A Step to the Right is supporting Rochelle Wilner.