Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bringing government to the people

The Harper government is bringing government to the people. With today's launch of the Online Pre-Budget Consultations for Budget 2006 and Beyond, budget-making is no longer the preserve of the lobbyist elites. You can submit your views too.

Canadians of all backgrounds are invited to help the CPC government craft its first budget. The deadline for submissions is April 19, 2006.

While I have had the past good fortune to appear before the Standing Committee on Finance in past pre-budget consultations on behalf of a previous employer, this time I will be telling the government what is important to me.

Among other things, I will tell the Harper government how important it is to restore accountability to government. I will tell them how high taxes and expensive, poorly adminstered and ineffective government programs undermine our living standards. I will encourage them to deliver on their promise to immediately cut the GST by 1 percentage point, and, if there is room, to go all the way to 5% instead of adopting the Liberal/Toronto Star income tax cuts.

This time your government is listening. Make sure you do not miss this opportunity to speak.