Friday, March 31, 2006

Biggest fool of them all

I'm not a big fan of polls. But a recent poll conducted for the The Comedy Network reveals that Canadians have chosen the federal Liberal Party as "Fools of the Year."

1. The Federal Liberal Party (34%): for its involvement in the sponsorship scandal and ultimate election defeat.
2. Celine Dion (27%): for pleading that officials send kayaks to rescue New Orleanians after Hurricane Katrina.
3. CBC (13%): for locking out its employees and thus giving away viewers to other channels for reasons nobody really cared about.
4. The Canadian Electorate (12%): for electing a Stephen Harper government.
5. Team Canada (11%): for one of its worst performances ever at the 2006 Olympic Winter Games despite a star-studded line-up and a $100-million US NHL payroll.