Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Double or nothing

Source: Reuters

Buzz Hargrove has raised the stakes. With his Liberal senatorship about to slip out of his grasp, Buzz has apparently taken another sip from Paul Martin's kool-aid.

"(Harper's) view of the country is a separatist view that doesn't have a strong federal government. A strong federal government is what makes Canada the country it is," the Hargrove said Wednesday.


He said a Harper-led government would put in place "a framework that will make it easier for the separatists to win in Quebec -- surely that's pretty close to being a separatist."


The CAW head also implied that Quebecers should vote for the Bloc Quebecois if it meant keeping out the Conservatives.

This strange bit of logic comes after the Canadian Auto Workers Union leader placed his bet last month to endorse Paul Martin's Liberals, abandoning his long-time allies in the NDP. With even longer odds now, Buzz is doubling his bet. He needs help.